SSID: What Is It And How To Prevent Its Theft

SSID, the shortened form of Service Set Identifier, is the network name of a wireless LAN system. This system picks up all transmissions of wireless communication, but only allows for the communication of two or more signals that share the same service set identifier number.

Review of Callcentraic features

We have heard of many different pc to phone call companies that even offer free pc to phone international calls. We asked ourselves a question - how many people actually use these types of telephone services? Who would want to use their computer to make calls and receive calls?


If you hit CTRL +Alt + Delete, you will launch your task manager on your Windows Operating System. With task manager open, you can choose from several tabs including; applications, processes, performance, networking and users.

What is a VLAN?

A Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) is a group of hosts that feature a like set of requirements and can communicate as though they were all connected via the same wires.

Making Low Cost Calls

Have you ever thought about switching your calls through to another provider?

WISPs and Bandwidth Management

Bandwidth limits imposed by ISPs can be good for Internet customers. By helping to ensure that bandwidth is not oversold, customers can rest assured they will have great service provided to them.

Making the BSNL DataOne Wireless Home Network Guide

Step-By-Step guide to configuring a Wi-Fi network with BSNL DataOne.

A Look At Cordless Phones

Cordless phones, also known as portable telephones, use a wireless handset in order to communicate with the phone?s base, which is connected to a telephone landline. In order for cordless phones to function properly, they must be used within a specified proximity to the base. Most individuals find that they can use their cordless phones throughout the house or in the yard without interruption.

Watch Your Business From Anywhere in the World

When most people think of video surveillance, they think of cameras in stores.

MySpace Advances Options

Those who want to offer more on their website or those who simply want to create a more detailed website may require some more advanced knowledge to achieve the desired effects.


Fax online server is basically a group of softwares that run on a host computer that is attached with one or more modems that are fax capable.These modems are attached to telephone lines . Its main purpose is to receive data from users, convert them into faxes, and transfer them, and also to receive calls through fax and either transfer them on to users or store the relevant incoming documents .

How Can a Person Find Good Deals on Cheap Cell Phones?

There are a number of ways to get good deals on cheap cell phones. These methods range from buying phones at specific rates for various package deals to purchasing phones from third parties who can often give a person the best deal possible on their electronics.

Why you should choose an LCD TV over a Plasma TV

When it comes to choosing which kind of TV to buy, whether it?s LCD TV or Plasma TV, consumers always have a hard time deciding. That?s why we will break down everything in order to prove to consumers that an LCD TV is the much better choice over a Plasma TV.

Proxy Lists

A proxy list is a list of all the working proxy websites. A proxy website is a website which lets you surf anonymously and it allows you to access the websites which have been blocked by a content filter.

HDTV: Buying Guide, Part One

There?s never been a better time than now to buy a high-definition television (HDTV). Whether your primary source of television programming is local over-the-air broadcasts, cable or digital satellite TV, you will find that there is now a wealth of high-definition programs available.

What is a netmask calculator and how do I calculate it?

A netmask calculator is basically a script or a program that automatically calculates the netmask numbers for you. Netmask is simply a code of numbers that is used to correctly transfer messages among machines in the same subnet. So, a netmask would work together with the router to determine whether the data goes. For example, if the host?s IP address was and the netmask was, the netmask is responsible for telling the machine what numbers in IP address are the subnet and what numbers in the IP address is the machine. In this case, 63.172.202 would be the subnet part while 41 would be the machine part. So, any machine in the 63.172.202 would be part of the (local) subnet and thus, the netmask is exactly what assists in differentiating the IP address.

GN Netcom Providing Convenience to Customers

Imagine this scenario? your baby is teething and demands to be held all day, you are trying to fix a dinner so your family can eat together, and you are trying to workout a discrepancy on your phone bill and the operator has put you on hold.

HDTV: Like Looking Through an Open Window

Have you ever watched a movie on a regular TV set, and then watched the same movie on an HDTV? If so, you would have noticed a huge difference! On the HDTV viewing, you see and notice things you've never seen before, even if you've seen the same movie several times! HDTV is like looking out an open window, whereas in comparison, standard TV is almost like looking through a glass soda bottle.

Antennas Of The New Age

Antennas have been around for a long time. Before the birth of cable television, homes would need it to just to get a signal. The person would need to put this on the roof and adjust it from time to time to get better reception. Satellite television has also changed this making these crude yet useful devices obsolete.

Define Anonymous Surfing

Anonymous surfing is browsing web sites privately.

Palm Treo 755p

As a latest offering in the Treo line, the Treo by Palm 755p is an updated version of the more recent 700p. As a workable phone with features that are great for business people, the Treo by Palm 755p is an excellent choice.

iPhone Unlocking Dangerous

iPhone Unlocking can be quite hazardous for your precios iPhone. Beware and make sure you know what you are doing before you decide to unlock.

Why You Should Always Write Things Down

When people fail to write things down, some serious consequences can occur. People lose productivity time, they waste funds, and they create stress for themselves and all of those in the environment around them. Most people fail to write things down because they believe they will be able to remember all of the important things they must during the course of the day. This, however, is a false idea. We find it difficult to remember all of the things we must because we are so busy. Generally, the p

My Experience Buying a Business Phone System

As the office manager for a small insurance company, one of the many duties I perform is purchasing. This normally involves stopping off at the local office supply store for pens, paper clips, printer paper, ink and toner. In other words, I'm not exactly entrusted with making high level, crucial decisions when it comes to purchasing. In fact, we used to have one of the secretaries do it. Unfortunately, when she retired, the onus fell on me.

Barry Michaels-Radio is My Life!

American Radio Personality, Barry Michaels, shares a humorous behind the scenes look at his ongoing broadcast career and honors those who entertained and inspired an entire generation of radio 'jocks'.

A Child Is Calling For Help. Wireless AMBER Alerts Put Wireless Devices To Use

Statistics show that the first three hours after a child's abduction are most critical to recovery efforts.