Why Are Politicians Corrupt?

Most politicians bend the laws of the land and steal money or solicit bribes because they need the funds to support networks of patronage. Others do it in order to reward their nearest and dearest or to maintain a lavish lifestyle when their political lives are over.

Lincoln Group-Republican Party, CIA spies?-Garfield Media Talking Head?

More musings about a potentially developing conspiracy involving planted news stories in Iraq, the Pentagon, and the intricate web of players that seem to indicate a web that reaches into the White House.

Nitwit Nation: Is America Too Dumb for Democracy?

Studies show that over 96 percent of America's adults exhibit such limited literacies that democracy in any meaningful sense of the word is impossible. U.S. citizens need to start thinking and acting like citizens by turning off their TVs and engaging their minds.

No Nobel Prize For War President

Lies and deceptions are ceating desperation in the Bush administration. The man the Busheviks tried to smear wins the Nobel Prize for Peace. Creating a viable Palestinian State could salvage one shining deed for the failed administration.

Knowledge and Power

"Knowledge is Power" goes the old German adage. But power, as any schoolboy knows, always has negative and positive sides to it.

Venezuela Threatens to Cut off Oil Exports to US

On Sunday, Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela, threatened Condoleezza Rice. Last Friday, he also made treats to discontinue exporting crude oil to America if they will still try to undermine his administration.

The Democratic Ideal and New Colonialism

"Democracy" is not the rule of the people. It is government by periodically vetted representatives of the people.

Colors of the American Flag

The colors of a flag are more than pretty decoration. They are often meaningful symbolism.

Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?

Izetbegovic, the late nominal president of the nominal Bosnian state, the darling of the gullible western media, denied that he and his cronies and his cronies' cronies stole 40% of all civilian aid targeted at Bosnia - a minor matter of 1 billion US dollars and change, in less than 4 years.

Containing the United States

European intellectuals yearned for the mutually exclusive: an America contained and a regime-changed Iraq. The Chinese are more pragmatic - though, bound by what is left of their Marxism, they still ascribe American behavior to the irreconcilable contradictions inherent in capitalism.

" The Failure is Sundered Within"

The failure is sundered within each of us, it festers as blame to others, a manifestation of the shame that belongs not to ourselves but of the participants of a deadlier game. Yet innately the affectation begins with our own visceral manumission of guilt, and sadly, empirically lies buried in our own personal failings.

The Inertia of Power

America holds its presidential administrations directly accountable every four years. The real question, though, is how accountable they hold themselves.

America the Narcissist

The majority of worldwide respondents to the last two global Pew enter surveys (in 2002 and 2006) regarded the United States as the greatest menace to world peace.

Let us learn to live with gorilla terrorism

Terror is a frame of mind, it based in psycho disorder syndrome, which makes one mind dissatisfied with its existence. In today?s global village concept era the terrorism is threating the idea of one world, where international non governmental and governmental organizations are working hard to achieve millennium development goals to end hunger, illiteracy, HIV/AID. On other side some psycho disordered persons are trying to disturb the system in name of religion, castes and creeds.

Politics: The Corruption Curve

In a world where hereditary monarchies are an anachronism, the most absolute power lies in the political sphere whether wielded by a military-backed dictator or by those who have been so repeatedly elected to office that they no longer see themselves as public representatives but as entitled oligarchs of a system they control.

The Honorary Academic

Mira Markovic is an "Honorary Academic" of the Russian Academy of Science. It cost a lot of money to obtain this title and the Serb multi-billionnaire Karic was only too glad to cough it up.

Add Me to the List, Mr. Blair

The terrorists are winning. Gradually but perceptibly, the USA and the United Kingdom (UK) are shedding their liberal democratic veneer, axing their traditions, reinterpreting their constitution (USA) and case law (UK) and, thus, becoming police states.

America's Second Civil War

Ironically, the much-heralded conflict took place not between the USA and its enemies without - but within the United States, in a second and devastating Civil War.

Nuclear Energy - The Green Solution

Do you ever get the feeling that the environment as well as the current geopolitical situation is reeling out of control from our addiction to oil? Ever wondered what we could do about it?

The Clash of Islam and Liberalism

Islam is not merely a religion. It is also - and perhaps, foremost - a state ideology. It is all-pervasive and missionary. It permeates every aspect of social cooperation and culture. It is an organizing principle, a narrative, a philosophy, a value system, and a vade mecum. In this it resembles Confucianism and, to some extent, Hinduism.

Real Campaign Finance Reform

It's morally wrong for elected officials to accept money or gifts. Period. It's in violation of their moral responsibility to represent people equally, not based on how much money they have. It gives those with money a more valuable opinion than those without. All elections should be 100% publicly funded.

Prohibition's Other Ending Remembered On April 7

While prohibition's repeal came on December 5, 1933, American brewers celebrate the end of that era with "Brew Year's Eve" on April 7.

Contenders for Iraq and the Potential for Civil War

Iraq stands at the junction of three different and competing cultures for the control of the country. Kurds, Shia and Sunni Arabs all want to control their own affairs and that of the Iraqi state. Since each of them have their own distinct identity and their own supporters the potential for conflict is great.

Is Bush ready to cut and run in Iraq?

Bush claims to have a plan for victory in Iraq. He does not. He's buying time and buying off Iraqi newspaper to try to sell his failures.

S. Francis and his friends? television wins the elections!

3rd and 4th April 2005 - Local Election Days in Italy. I should comment the results somehow...

On the Nature of Evil

This article is a psychological, spiritual, philosophical and political discourse on the nature of evil. The unique perspective of the author and his writing style compel the reader to follow the logic of the author to his conclusion, which is a fascinating new idea.