College Scholarships

If you are thinking of attending a college or university within the next year, be sure to research the scholarships available for your line of study or college of choice. Scholarships normally do not have to be repaid like other forms of financial aid.

4-year Colleges vs. Technical Schools: Your Choice

If you are one of the many who is trying to make a decision about where to spend your money and invest your future, read on. This article provides a comparison of 4 year colleges and technical schools. Which one is right for you?

Share It And I Bet You Will Find It!-- SearchMyCampus

Do I keep paying the middleman or is there something else I can use? The magic word is ? SearchMyCampus. In today?s Web 2.0 world when every student is online scrapping on orkut, I think it would be very useful if I could post my notice in 3 minutes on an online noticeboard and instantly make it visible to everyone around the campus (even to the fachas who have not yet moved to the campus but are planning to in few days).

Tips on How to Survive College Life

College life can be fun, but you need to be prepared and know what to expect!

10 things you must know before getting your criminal justice degree

The criminal justice degree program produces graduates who can critically assess issues and use that ability to impact the criminal justice system. The criminal justice degree program places emphasis on academics, oral and written communication and research potential.

Finding the Best Online Master's Degree Nursing Program

This article explains how to go about finding the best online master?s degree nursing program.

College Life: Secrets to Getting By

Surviving college life can seem difficult at times but there are tips that can help a student through the tough times at their university.

Writing A Successful College Application Essay

With the intense competition for entry into America?s top schools, the college application essay is more important than ever. Although most students dread this assignment, it is the best way to distinguish yourself from other candidates, let the school get to know you, and add a personal touch to your application. Winning admission is about more than just GPA, class rank, and SAT scores. Universities are looking to build a student body with diverse talents, personality, and c...

College Ranking: Tips for Finding the Best Schools

Finding the best colleges by using a ranking system can be more difficult than it seems. Here are some tips to finding an accurate university ranking list.

Student Flats

Everybody knows that university can be an expensive time of your life. It is usually three or four years of living in rented accommodation, paying university fees, for books,

The Macro and Micro Worlds of Thea Alexander

Nothing in our modern world completely bears resemblance to the Macro world but it is easy to see how the Chinese Communist Party and other repressive regimes are accurate reflections of the rulers of the micro world.

The Popularity Of Learning Online

Online courses help students to further their learning abilities and education. No matter where a student is located, the resources are available at their fingertips when one studies online courses. There are innumerable online courses and training methods available.

How to Overcome the High Prices of College Textbooks

Every year students require various college textbooks for their classes, spending a small fortune to purchase them. High standards should be improved in the business deal of purchasing new and used books so that all students would benefit of improved methods of learning. In recent years, college bookstores have begun to lose their monopoly over the market, generating pronounced imbalances regarding the average costs of most study materials.

The Best Colleges for Earning a Degree in Social Work Fields

Whether your pursue your degree in a local community college, University or through online education there are certain criteria you are undoubtedly looking for to make sure the school you choose is the best for your field.

Trends World wide - Graduation Academic Dress - 2006 Graduation Announcements and Graduation Accessories

Trends of Graduation Academic dress code at various places in India.

Interested in Learning at Home? Consider an Online Nursing Degree College

If you are interested in getting an education from home, then you should consider an online nursing degree college.

Campus Calling - Youth Connects On Online Board

Lost and found, buying and selling, fests and feasts - a virtual notice board connects students across the country

The Ultimate University and College Freshers Guide Part 3 ? What happens when the work really starts?

So you?ve arrived at university or college, you?ve been to every freshers ball, you?ve got drunk, you?ve had the first experience of what a student hangover feels like and you?ve got drunk again. You have loads of new friends and have found your way around campus. So now what?

A Guide To Choosing A University Course

University courses and degree programs take around four years of study to complete. Nevertheless, some students may need more time to complete the university course. It is also possible to shorten the university courses by studying in the intersession of spring and summer.

Enrich Your Life With a MBA Degree

The MBA is perhaps the most coveted course in today?s world. This course tops the list of courses almost in all the developed and developing countries across the globe.

How to Pick Your Recommenders

Avoid jumping all over the first person who offers to write you a "great recommendation." Recommendation writing is both an art and a science, and few people do it really well, either because they don't know you well enough to address the things admissions officers care about, because they can't be bothered, or because they don't know how.

Practical Guidelines to Writing Successful College Essays and Term Papers

It almost goes without saying, but not quite, that you should thoroughly research your subject before you contemplate writing about it. Why? If you are going to write a college term paper or essay on a subject, you will be expected to have opinions and substantiate those opinions with hard facts to back up them up. Therefore, researching your subject means that you get straight in your head what your opinions are before you write.

Are SAT prep courses worth it?

How exactly will you benefit from taking a SAT prep course?

Student Financial Aid Types You Should Know

There are many types of financial aids offer to college and university students. While a few are gifted aids and do not need to be paid back; others are provided as a loan and need to be paid back after the completion of the education program. Let’s take a brief look on these financial aids.

Survey: College Students Turn to Internet Banking

In an age of all things electronic, Internet-based banks are gaining ground, especially among college students.

A week in the life of an online student

Ever wondered what it would be like to be taking college courses online? This entry will give you a flavor of how online classes are conducted and what you as the student have to do to be successful. The course I am taking is a human-computer interaction course for my Master's in Computer Education.