Feel the Fear . . . And Speak Up!

Fear of public speaking is No. 1. Death is No. 4. So most

Be a Storyteller, Not Just a Speaker

Stories develop themes. The themes chosen to illustrate the possibility of stories are: Relationships, Choice, Creativity, Making a Difference, Celebration.

How to Give a Great Speech

As a former owner of a National Speakers Bureau, I have learned from several thousand professional speakers "How to Give a Great Speech." Here are some techniques that I share with my coaching clients who want to become paid professional speakers or business professionals who want todeliver masterful presentations.

12 Ways To Maximize Time And Life

My business experience has taught me one true thing: That maximizing your productivity, happiness, peace, or impact can best be accomplished if you clearly understand the 12 Rules of Time.

The Search For A Stammering Cure

Anybody who has to live life with a stammer will know just how much of a hinderance it can make what fluent people see as simple tasks. Making a phone call, ordering a drink, going out with friends and attending a job interview can be very hard for people who stammer or stutter.

Stuttering Speech Therapy

In this article, I write about the various types of stuttering therapies that are available. My background, I started stuttering at the age of four, it continued until I was twenty-two, basically ruining the eighteen years in between. I then fought very hard and eventually overcame the stutter.

What Is a Singing Voice Lesson?

If you are interested in becoming a professional singer or even if you are just interested in taking singing lessons for fun it is likely that you may be interested in receiving some professional assistance. When looking for professional assistance many individuals come across something known as a singing voice lesson. Many individuals may already know what a singing voice lesson is; however, if you are new to the world of singing then you may not.

Are You Controlling or Loving Yourself?

How often do you hear a parental voice in your head that says things like, ?You?ve got to lose weight,? or ?You should get up earlier every morning and exercise,? or ?Today I should get caught up on the bills,? or ?I?ve got to get rid of this clutter.? Let?s explore what happens in response to this voice.

Addiction to Blame

Allen consulted with me because his wife of 18 years had threatened to leave him if he didn?t stop blaming her all the time. He admitted to frequently blaming her in a variety of situations. He blamed her if he thought she made a mistake, if he thought she was wrong about something, if he was feeling alone, or even if he had a bad day at work.

Be Confident- Do Not Let Your Boss Drag You Down

People we meet and have to see on a regular basis can have a negative affect on your life and self-confidence, but only if you let them. I am a person who would get dragged down by any negative comment made from a friend or by my boss for example. This article is about how to deal with these situations and how to not let these people and their comments make you feel like a second class citizen.

How to Mastermind your Destiny through Self-Coaching

Reading how to books and self-coaching is an excellent way of getting to know yourself, quietly receiving answers you need, or resolving a secret issue you?ve been stuck on. Not only that, the only challenge will come from you and the only thing standing in the way of your personal development will be you!

Dear Expats - Are You Ready To Take Up The Challenge For The New Year?

It seems that the expectations we set ourselves up for at this time of year perpetuates yearly cycles of self-defeat, loss of self-esteem and entrenched beliefs that we are weak and cannot trust ourselves to make promises and goals and stick to them.

Positive Mind, Successful Life

It took me a long time to realise the benefits of positive thinking. I had often heard people mention that if you think positive, positive things will happen to you, I used to think they were a bit weird. I now believe they were right and this article explains why.

What To Do? Life's Big Question

You're at the crossroads again. You've made mistakes and now it is harder to choose. Fear has you in it's grip, you don't know which choice is best. Well, come and trust who you are and come back to your origins to discover your ability to choose powerfully.

What Stops You?

Have you ever had a terrific idea which you didn't act on? Of course you have. I don't mean anything fancy either. Nothing earth-shattering. Just a plain old-fashioned good idea which would have made you more money. But you didn't get moving on it.

Why Many Individuals Take a Singing Lesson

There are millions of children or adults who take a lesson in a subject that they wish to excel at. These lessons can deal with sports, academics, dance, instruments, and singing. While all of these lessons are popular it is quite possible that signing lessons are the most sought after lessons. There are a wide number of reasons why a person may wish to take a singing lesson. In fact a singing lesson is such a popular choice that you may already be taking one or are interested in learning ab

Rise to the challenge and take change in your stride!

This article looks at how making changes to how we think can positively influence how we view the prospect of change in our life.

The Secret to Making Lasting Changes

Think you can't change? Many of us already know that we need to improve our state of well-being in order to extend our lives as we age. Making changes are traditionally difficult, but the good news is that it's never too late!

Top Ways to Maximize Your Talents at Work

Are you maximizing your strengths and promoting your talents at work? If you have sharp analytical skills, have you sought to apply those skills to your current job? I know it sounds crazy to ask for more work when you are already overloaded, but any assistance that you can provide now will ultimately help you advance in your present position or in a future one.

Coaching for Success

Coaching is perhaps the most effective method of increasing performance available to managers, team leaders, and colleagues. This article defines coaching and outlines a process for effective coaching.

Control, Helplessness, and Love

During my 35 years of counseling individuals, couples, families and business partners, I have discovered that an important purpose of our controlling behavior in our relationships is to avoid the feeling of helplessness. One of the hardest feelings to feel is helplessness. Most of us are unwilling to even know what we are and are not helpless over.

Sporting Clays Tip : July 2008 : From The Paragon School of Sporting

Sporting Clays Tip Pubblised from The Paragon School of Sporting : Announcing The 2008 Release

Creating Positive Changes in Your Life

Contrary to a widely held belief that people do not change, I submit to you that people do change and often in dramatic, life-altering ways. I say this with full confidence as I have witnessed it happen time and time again. Creating positive change in your life is totally possible. You can change yourself and thereby your life.

Singing Lesson on DVD: A Popular Singing Lesson Alterative

When you think of singing lessons what exactly comes into your mind? It is likely that you would say a singing lesson taking place at a school, home, or business. Those singing lessons are popular face-to-face singing lessons that are often given by a professional; however, did you know that they are not the only types of singing lessons available?

To Know is To Not Know

Setting aside judgement sets aside what you believe you already know. Doing this creates room for new possibilities, wisdom, experience, and benefits to occur. Take a closer look.

Procrastination- 4 Essentials to Break Through

We?ve all experienced the great feeling of working through to a goal step by step. We?ve also experienced those times when we put something off that could make a positive long-term impact in our life. Here are 4 essentials to pull out of your tool box when you get stuck.