Introduction to bonsai tree growing: an overview

An introduction to bonsai growing, with basic care tips and the five basic styles of bonsai shapes.

Caring For The Indoor Bonsai Tree

This article will describe how to care for your indoor bonsai tree.

The Japanese Art of Growing the Indoor Bonsai Tree

This article will show you how to bring nature into your life with an indoor bonsai tree.

Indoor Bonsai Tree Care

How to make the right choices when caring for your indoor bonsai tree.

Choosing a Bonsai Plant

There are a great many choices when choosing a bonsai plant, that is perfect for you.

Indoor Bonsai Tree Caring

Here is how to take care of your indoor bonsai.

General Bonsai Tree Care

Instructions and information on the general care of bonsai trees.

Information About The Indoor Bonsai Plant

How to decide for and keep an indoor bonsai plant.

The Japanese Maple Bonsai Tree is Great For Beginners

The Japanese Maple Bonsai is great if you want to start with bonsai.


Growing your own bonsai need not start by being expensive. Plants are free if grown from seed or cuttings and the rewards to be had in terms of appreciation of the final result, and the experience gained, is a joy beyond compare.

The Elegant Japanese Maple Bonsai

The Japanese Maple Bonsai is one of the most beautiful bonsais there is. This article will tell you more about it.

Bonsai Plant Care

Bonsai plants are very similar to Bonsai trees in so far as if you give them a lot of care and attention and keep them healthy you will get a beautiful miniature plant in return. There are many different varieties of plant that you can use to create Bonsai plants. Some plants require very precise care routines to maintain a healthy and aesthetically pleasing plant, but regardless of what breed of plant you are using there are some basic guidelines to follow that will keep you...

Bonsai - The Journey East To West

Since its beginnings in China, during the Han Dynasty over two thousand years ago, the art of growing miniature trees in containers, bonsai, has had an interesting history. Initially, penjing ? as it is called in China, was considered too spiritual for the common folk and only nobles were permitted to own one. During the 14th century, the Chinese invaded Japan and brought with them many aspects of Chinese culture, including religion, calligraphy and penjing. Even today, the J...

The Art of Japanese Bonsai

The Japanese refined and developed Bonsai techniques and evolved the art form it is today. For the Japanese, bonsai represents a fusion of strong ancient beliefs with the Eastern philosophies of the harmony between man, the soul and nature.

What Bonsai Supplies Will I Need?

Growing Bonsai is a rewarding hobby that is accessible to all. You hardly need any room at all and you?ve probably got most of the tools already lying around the house and garden. The only ?specialist? equipment you may need to go and by will be a pair of chopsticks (yes, you read that right), a Bonsai pot and of course the tree or plant that you intend to turn into your Bonsai masterpiece.

What Is An Outdoor Bonsai?

Bonsai trees and plants are basically trees and plants that are pruned and trimmed to keep their size minimal. The trees and plants relish the practise because they get a lot of care and attention and have a lifespan similar, even greater in some cases, than their wild counterparts. Indoor Bonsai can be bought from virtually anywhere in the world and the increase in popularity has seen a large increase in the number of specialist shops dedicated to the growing and caring of B...

Guide to Bonsai Tools

Description and explanation of common tools used for bonsai.

The History Of The Bonsai Tree

Everybody has heard of the Bonsai tree but very few people know anything about the history of the miniature shrub or where the tradition came from.

Beautiful Artificial Bonsai Tree

Artificial Bonsai trees are usually very small with a height that varies from around two inches all the way up to three feet and the shape of Bonsai trees can be changed by wiring the branches and trunk of the tree.

Bonsai Care

Caring for your Bonsai tree involves many of the same activities associated with caring for a pot plant or an indoor plant. Well developed and healthy fibrous roots are essential for the continued good health of your Bonsai tree and repotting is an essential way to manage this process.

How To Properly Winter a Native Bonsai Tree

Detailed advise on the proper way to winter a bonsai tree.

About basic bonsai styles

A summary article with most common bonsai styles defined.

Bonsai Trees / Plants and Shops

Bonsai trees are special miniture trees that grow indoors (usually) in pots.

Bonsai Trees

What are Bonsai trees?

About tree seeds and bonsai seeds germination instructions

Learn how to naturally or artificially germinate tree seeds