Bluetooth Technology

What You Need To Know About Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth headphones and accessories are one of the fastest growing trends in electronic technology today. Those little gadgets that fit snugly to the ear are fast becoming the hot piece of electronic equipment to own if you want to compete. This hands-free opportunity to communicate with other headphones, PDAs, laptops, and now, iPod technology makes it one of the fastest growing consumer purchases. Bluetooth headphones come in a variety of model and price ranges. For a mode...

Setting Up Your Bluetooth Network

The days of the cable are numbered. If you are used to running a lot of peripherals and devices from your computer, whether at home or at work, you are probably sick of the sight of cables. If so, it is time to consider setting up your own Bluetooth Personal Area Network (PAN).

Bluetooth, Smartphones And Apple

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How Smartphones Communicate Using Bluetooth

Know more about bluetooth technology today.

Bluetooth Headsets: Overview

It seems that every day, virtual movers and shakers are introducing new products and systems to make our lives a little bit easier. Bluetooth technology is one of the biggest advances to hit the market. Bluetooth wireless technology makes it easy and convenient for users to enjoy wire-free, short-range communication between devices. It is a globally available standard that connects portable computers, mobile phones, MP3 players and even cars, all without wires. People who u...

Bluetooth In Action

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Bluetooth Wireless In Your Home Office

Bluetooth is a wireless communication protocol that provides a method of wirelessly exchanging data between bluetooth enabled devices. Unlike Wi-Fi which requires more power to operate and a separate configuration for each device, Bluetooth requires low power consumption, is relatively simple to use, and is designed for use in a much smaller area. A network of devices formed around Bluetooth is known as a PAN, or Personal Area Network.

Infrared And Bluetooth: Connecting Things Easier

With different electrical devices produced everyday, the problem of connecting things is becoming more and more complex. The system that comprises the computers and other electronic devices makes use of varieties of connecting wires, cables and the likes. These parts communicate trough light beams, lasers, radio signals and infrared. However, the problem with this devices and technologies is often the connection between each component. Thus, most systems are not used to their...

Bluetooth ? A Latest Achievement In Mobile Technology!

Bluetooth is a networking technology mainly invented to eliminate the usage of wires or cords for getting connectivity between two devices. They do not need huge power supply which is considered as very ideal for battery-based devices like mobile phones. This new technology depends up on two things namely radio frequency technology and protocol software. Bluetooth enabled devices has the stuff to transmit data between the other devices wirelessly.

Bluetooth Headset Basics Revealed

What is a Bluetooth headset? You've certainly seen them, those things connected to people's ears that make them look like they just walked out of a Star Trek convention. At first glance, it almost looks like a giant bug has attached itself to the side of the person's face, causing a moment of alarm as one prepares either to help the poor victim or run for cover. Other times, people walk down the street, apparently talking to themselves in either calm or vigorous tones. It isn...

10 Benefits Of Smarthphone Bluetooth

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What Are The Advantages Of Bluetooth Technology?

The Bluetooth technology is a wireless communication that operates as radio waves, using a band set at 2.4GHz. This frequency is available at no charge. The Bluetooth technology allows two devices to connect wirelessly with each other, and incorporates the use of "Centrino" chips. These chips are available easily in most standard electronic devices such as laptops, cellular phones, computers, headsets, etc.

Do You Need Bluetooth?

When buying any digital electronic device, whether a cellphone, PDA, or notebook computer, it is important to check the specifications to ensure that it will serve your purposes. Bluetooth is becoming an increasingly popular offering in personal electronics, but do you need it?

Give Your Business The Advantage Of A Bluetooth Headset

When you?re in business, you always want to give the best to get the most. One of the efficient devices to add to your arsenal is the Bluetooth headset to keep tabs on people and their latest exploits in the name of the business.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Bluetooth

While using the Bluetooth feature, you can run through a lot of advantages to and at the same time and run to a lot of disadvantages also.