The Early History of British Airways

In one form or another, British Airways have been offering flights around the world for more than 80 years. In this article, we look at the history behind one of the world?s biggest airlines.

Tips to booking a low cost flight ticket

Over the last five years Europe has seen an increase in the number of low cost airlines which is great news for the holidaymaker, but many say bad news for the high street travel agent.

5 Top Tips to Get You Upgraded on Flights

In this article, I will pass on some of the top tips to help you get upgraded to business class for free on your next flight. You will be able to enjoy greater comfort and travel like a celebrity without having to pay superstar prices. By following a few simple rules, you will really increase your chances of getting moved up to the front of the plane rather than having to stay in economy class.

Dubai Aerospace Enterprise

Dubai will invest in the aviation business.

Flight ? History Of Aeroplanes And Steps Of Flying

The invention of flight by the Wright brothers has brought about a revolution in the world. The concept of speed and distance started changing. The impossible started looking possible. The perfect combination of strength, weight, and carrying capacity has been experimented and finally achieved.

Remember PEOPLExpress?

PEOPLExpress Airlines was the darling of the airline industry twenty years ago before being absorbed into present day Continental Airlines. Like so many discount carriers after it, the airline took risks that ultimately spelled its demise. Much like PEOPLExpress Airlines, the recent demise of Independence Air shows the flying public how risky these ventures really are.

Discover Some Tricks To Getting Cheap Airfare

Anytime you are able to get the chance to save any money with your airfare tickets, you had better jump on them because a lot of folks unfortunately miss out on several of these because of not choosing the time out to search them.

The Fear of Flying

There are a few fears in life that defy logic. Fear of spiders may be one, fear of lifts is another, and perhaps a fear of flying is another. Everyday, thousands of planes take off around the world, carrying millions of passengers safely to their destination.

Tips on How to Select a Private Jet Charter Company

A growing number of people are turning to private jet charter companies to make their traveling experience pleasant and smooth. Chartering is a costly affair; hence it?s essential that you choose the right company from of the scores of private jet companies in the market. Read on to find out how to make an informed decision?.

The Close Relationship of Vancouver and Hong Kong

Since decades, Canada and Hong Kong maintains a close as well as long standing trade and economic relationship. The socio-economic and trading relationship of Canada and Hong Kong can be traced back to 1928, when Canada formed its Consulate General in Hong Kong, in Exchange Building, on the Pedder Street.

Private Jet Charter: Identifying the Right Provider

Almost every company in the private air industry claims to have the best safety standards. But how can a customer really determine what defines high standards? Below is a general guideline to consider when working with any private jet provider.

Private Jet services and Their Benefits

Private jet charter services have become an immediate solution for all flying problems. Individuals or companies whose executives travel regularly prefer private jet charter services over commercial flights. Read on to know their benefits?.

Air Travel - Flying with an Infant/Toddler

Air Travel with infants and toddlers does not have to be a stressful experience. Here are some exclusive tips that will help you make it through your flight.

Smart fares for senior passengers

There are some discounted fares and benefit services provided by the southwest airlines for the passengers of the age group of 65 and more.

Low Cost Airline. Low service level?

Low cost airlines are now common place in our society and since there launch, traveling to foreign countries is now possible for the masses.

Private Air Charter: They're Flying...Why Am I Grounded?

Ever wondered why some private aircraft can takeoff or land at a particular airport and time while others can not? Many factors influence a pilot's decision when filing a flight plan including: aircraft performance, operational control procedures, weather, altitude of the airport and weight of the passengers, crew and fuel...

Theres Much More to a Great Trip Than Cheap Flights List Deals

Before you can work your groove on vacation or holiday, you must learn to plan!

Airfares ? Enjoy Reasonable Traveling Anywhere

Want to escape for an exotic holiday without worrying about the airfare rates? Where airfares could have been a hindrance to your enjoying a wonderful holiday, presently it will not be. With too many travel companies upcoming these days, getting a cheap airfare is never a problem. Airfare is a fare that is charged by the airline from the travelers.

Ten Tips for Air Travel in 2006-7

Tips for enjoying the vagaries of current air travel when flying economy class.

Cheap International Flights and Travel

If you've been shopping for cheap flights online, you no doubt have occasionally found yourself in the "Twilight Zone" of international travel costs. I speaking of course about the difference in valuations of the various currencies used throughout the world. Unlike a national purchase where everything is dollar based, the international market uses a basket of currency or the local currency of the country where traveling. This can lead to some very unpleasant surprises if not careful.

Attention America: Here come the Thunderbirds!

After weeks of spring training the new US Air Force Thunderbird Team was ready for its' approval show at Nellis AFB. Several high ranking General Officers (all taking notes) and about 1000 friends and family of the team got a sneak preview of the upcoming season. And what a airshow season it will be.

Last Minute Cheap Airline Ticket Specialist-1

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Southwest Airlines - A trip for Lifetime

Southwest airlines provide great deals online to its customers and other rewards and discounts fro their further air travels.

Travel guide - UK airports - London Heathrow

Around 90 airlines use Heathrow as their hub, operating flights to over 180 destinations in 90 countries. Heathrow consists of four terminals, with a fifth currently under construction.

Oasis Hong Kong Airlines Triumphs at 2007 World Low Cost Airline Awards

Oasis Hong Kong Airlines was awarded "Best New Service" and "Best Business Class Carrier" at the 2007 World Low Cost Airline Awards, held in London on 18th September.

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