Automotive Resource Guide

The internet is chock full of useful information including reports on future car models as well as the contemporaries and the classics. Some of my favorite sites for culling information are listed herein.

Using Automotive Touch-Up Paint

Here's news you may want to brush up on: Using touch-up paint on your car can be an inexpensive way to protect its value.

Tips For Keeping Up With Automotive Recalls

You hear about automotive recalls all the time in the newspaper, on the Internet, as well as on the nightly news. Amazingly, one in 12 cars traveling the roads today were recalled for one reason or another in 2003. However, even more amazing is the fact that only one third of the owners of the recalled vehicles chose to take their car in for the needed repairs. The car manufacturers are required to send out letters informing owners of these vehicles of the recall, regardless ...

Leased Vehicles And Automotive Insurance

People have different opinions when it comes to leasing a vehicle and buying a vehicle, but here?s the basic gist of it: buying a vehicle differs from leasing a vehicle in that buying a vehicle requires you to pay for the entire vehicle, whereas leasing a vehicle requires you to pay for the amount of the vehicle you ?use up? during a set period of time. Simply put, once the time period is up the person leasing the vehicle may decide to buy the vehicle, or move on.

What's The Difference Between Collision And Comprehensive Automotive Insurance?

Liability insurance, which covers the cost to repair damages caused by you, is usually your state?s minimum automotive insurance requirement; however, if you are still making payments on your vehicle, your financer may require you to purchase additional automotive insurance coverage until you own the vehicle.

Auto Parts Online?s ?The Auto Blog?: Delivering Automotive Information that Matters

Since it was established over a quarter of a century ago, Auto Parts Online has served the auto parts needs of countless drivers, car enthusiasts and mechanics. Now, Auto Parts Online not only offers the best automotive products and services, the company also aims to bring relevant and useful automotive information to its loyal customers and visitors.

Consumer Guide Automotive Gives Isuzu Better than Average Ratings

Consumer Guide Auto rated several SUVs on various features and ranked the 2008 Isuzu Ascender better than the class average in four separate categories: Acceleration, Fuel Economy, Controls, and Cargo Room.

We Owe A Debt Of Gratitude To Early Luxury Automotive Products

You may well have noticed gorgeous, massive cars in classic movies. What happened to these car makers? Were they innovators or just producers of boats or other monstrosities of little innovative value? Sort of like big tank S.U.V. trucks in these days of $ 3 a gallon gasoline. Indeed you may have spotted such cars as the Italian made Isotta Fraschine in classic movies such as the movie ?Sunset Boulevard? which starred Gloria Swanson. These cars were not only the highest end l...

Automotive Marketing... The 3 Mistakes Everyone Makes Marketing To Car Dealers

When marketing to Automotive Dealers make sure your campaigns include these 3 main points for maximum results

Ditch The Cell Phone And Lower Automotive Insurance Rates - It Will Save You Money

In today?s world, you can look just about anywhere and see at least one person talking on a cell phone; sadly, the road is no exception. More and more drivers are taking to the roads with cell phones to their ears; as a result these drivers are causing a greater risk for automobile accidents. Of course, we all know the consequence of increased automobile accidents ? increased automotive insurance.

The Social Cost of Automotive Fuels (LPG, Diesel, Petrol)

The social and environmental cost of automtotive fuels is often neglected. How much does it cost society when you drive your vehicle on LPG, diesel or petrol?

Automotive Consumer Reports

If you?ve ever purchased a car, or are in the market for a vehicle, then you know how important research is. Proper information gathering procedures can help you make an informed decision on the car you wish to buy. You want to do everything possible to prevent yourself from spending your hard-earned dollars on a lemon of an automobile. Because of your diligence to knowledge, there are many routes available for you to choose to get the information you need. You can ask people...

Timing Belt Automotive Repair Tips

Tips about timing belt repairs and information about replacing timing belts.

Automotive Experts List Cool New Rides Under $18,000

After putting together a list of all the vehicles available for less than $18,000, the editors of Kelley Blue Book's then picked the 10 coolest.

Automotive Detailing: How to Clean Automotive Upholstery

Guidelines to maintain automotive upholstery

Automotive Scan Tools And The Modern Car

Thanks to the increasing complexity of modern automobiles over the past few years, most professional auto shops and garages now require a selection of automotive scan tools with which to carry out day to day diagnostic work in order to pinpoint any problems with an engine or engine management system in order to discover what action is needed in order to effect a repair with the minimum of error and maximum efficiency.

Choosing A Good Automotive School Is Crucial To Your Career

Automotive school is a necessity for anyone who wants to pursue a career as an auto mechanic. However, the school you go to can affect the path your career takes after graduation. Factors such as quality equipment, knowledgeable instructors, strong degree and ASE certification programs, the school?s qualifications and reputation, and student services all lend themselves to the overall quality of your education. Therefore, it is important to thoroughly research the automotive ...

Automotive Sales Leads - How To Caputure And Generate Leads From Your Own Website

How To Convert The 96.7% Automotive Leads That Leave Your Website Unaccounted For.

Automotive Financing - Benefits To Applying Online

You can do everything else online, why not acquire an auto loan as well? Some people are hesitant to use the internet for financial transactions or decisions. They don't realize that online auto loans actually have significant advantages to standard auto loans. There are several benefits of applying online for an auto loan.

Economical And Affordable Green Automotive Technology

Although hybrid cars are the rage, and there are all kinds of alternative energy sources on the horizon, hybrids are cost prohibitive, usually ranging $3000 to $7000 more than the gas only version of that model. However, instead of changing fuel sources, some automotive companies have been using a new type of transmission to improve fuel economy, lower emissions, and actually make vehicles faster without adding to the sticker price.

Automotive Painting

A car with an excellent paint job is one of life's true joys. It's like being the kid with the best bike in the neighbourhood or the biggest piece of birthday cake. Whether you drive a '47 Eldorado, a '66 Beetle or an '07 fortwo, a great paint job will take your vehicle from ho-hum to headturner.

Gain Automotive Online Savings

Many people are not aware about how to gain automotive online savings using AAA. People know that they can depend on AAA to provide them with personalized maps of their trips, and while this is a major convenience, they might not realize that using a direct route to their destination will save them huge amounts of money in buying gas for their trips.

Smart And Safe Automotive Electronics

We live in an age of information and technology that has made everything around us smarter. Electronic and digital components have made life easier in our homes, offices, and automobiles.

Automotive Training For Do-It-Yourselfers

Automotive training used to be a more common part of our society. Shop class was a commonly offered elective in high schools nationwide, ensuring that most boys knew their way around a car's engine bay. Additionally, cars relied more on mechanical principles, rather than computerized systems. As a result, when a car broke down, the owner was much more likely to know how to fix it themselves, or at least have a friend or a family member who could fix it for them.

Shade Tree Automotive Diagnostics And Care - Part Ii - Hear No Evil

Learning a little more about how to better care for your vehicles is a good idea for any number of reasons. It allows you to know if an unscrupulous mechanic is attempting to gouge you on your repairs ? and that will save you money. It can prevent you from making unnecessary repairs ? and that will save you money. It can help you locate a problem and fix it early, thus saving more money ? sometimes a whole lot of money. It allows you to be more independent in an era where peo...

Online Automotive Supplies

When you were a kid, there was a neighbourhood mechanic who took care of all your family's automotive woes. Maybe you would tag along with your parents to the corner garage, where fan belts, spark plugs and tins of coolant were the extent of the supplies needed to get back on the road.