Aromatherapy ? Myth Or Reality

The origin of aroma therapy can be traced back to pre historic period, in the countries of ancient Egypt, Far East and China. The concept aims at the holistic treatment of the human body by making use of the immensely useful essential oils obtained from various herbs and plants.

Why Mind Over Matter Matters

Exercise and a healthy diet are essential for good health. But, don't forget another component to a healthy body - your mind.

What Is Goji Juice?

Goji Juice - Goji (Lycium barbarum ? Latin).

Evoking The Right Moods With Aromatherapy Candles

Aromatherapy candles are made from essential oils of plants. The primary use of it is in influencing oneself physiologically and therapeutically. Just understand the mood you want to stir up and make your choice. Read more about aromatherapy candles in the following article.


Researchers ar beginning to unfold the secrets to speculation --an ancient practice that yields modern-day benefits. In the highlands of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, citizenry looking at liveliness differently. Upon entering the local Buddhist monastery, there is a spectacular sculpture the size of a large oak. The intricate carving of clouds and patterns painted in powerful colors. But as soon as winter gives means, this magnificent employment volition melt to nonentity.

The Bug Stops Here

With the growing concern for West Nile Virus and Lymes disease, more people are spraying and lathering on insect repellent. Most commercial repellents contain harmful chemicals that must be used with extreme caution. Someone shared a story that occurred when she was on vacation at the beach. A parent used an insect repellent with DEET on her 2 year old child. The child went unconscious within minutes of application and was rushed to the hospital where she was later revived. This child was lucky, for other have died from it. Keep in mind, whatever you put on your skin ends up in your bloodstream. The famous estrogen, birth control and nicotine patch have proven that beyond a doubt.

Natural Health Remedies for Insect Bites and Stings

This article provides natural health care remedies and solutions for the victim of insect bites and stings -- also includes advice on prevention.

Traditional Chinese Medicine To Help Stroke Patients Achieve Better Rehabilitation

Now scientists are impressed with how the ancient therapy can help stroke patients get back to a more normal life. NeuroAidhas shown efficacy for patients who suffered a stroke in the past 6months and have resulting loss of motor function or independence.

The Many Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Have you heard about coconut oil yet? People are adding coconut oil to their diets and are getting incredible results. They are losing weight, getting more energy, and getting healthier. Coconut oil is safe to use, and does not turn to fat in your body. It raises the metabolism, so you burn more fat and have more energy. It does not increase your cholesterol, but actually helps lower it. Coconut oil is wonderful diet addition for just about everyone.

5 Simple Steps to Lower Your Cholesterol Level

Learn more about the proven formula to reduce cholesterol naturally.

Age-Old Remedy for the Newest Flu

Viruses are the invading organisms responsible for most epidemic illnesses, as well as the common cold, ordinary flu, and cold sores, among others. Tea tree oil is a proven immuno-stimulant and anti-viral agent.

Is there really such a thing as hypnosis?

The debate regarding whether or not hypnosis works is generally perpetuated by hypnotist themselves. Stage hypnotists need to build a belief of mystique and magic to make their show entertaining. Some hypnotherapist like people to think that they have some form of special power and will give the impression that hypnosis is magical and mystical. This has made people see hypnosis somewhere between spiritualism and the magician's wand; however, nothing could be further from the truth.

5 Low Cost Ways to Soothe the Sting of Sunburn

Each of us most likely has at least one memory of nasty sunburn. Whether experienced personally, or by a close family member or friend, the symptoms are likely to include anything from red hot skin ? either tender or painful to touch, to nausea, dehydration, blistering and flaking or peeling of the skin. Here are 5 simple home remedies that will cost you next to nothing, and which will assist in soothing the sting and pain of sunburn.

More Than Just Packaging: Aromatherapy Bottles

The aromatherapy bottles serve two purposes. Firstly, they ensure protection of the oil or absolute. Secondly, they add a style element to the simple looking oils. Read more about aromatherapy bottles in the following article.

Role of Alternative Medicine in modern society

Typically, alternative medicine differs from traditional medicine in that alternative medicine is older and what we might call unconventional or non-Western medicine.

Emollients and Lubricant Drugstore Laxatives

There are various stool softeners, which are used to give constipation relief. These can be purchased at a drugstore. Learn what they are and the danger in using them.

Ayurvedic Body Type and Diet Recommendations

Learn about what foods support the three ayurveda body types - pitta, vata, and kapha. We cover the characteristics of each body type, as well as information on some of the things that throw those constitutions out of balance.

What do Essential Fatty Acids do in Your Body?

Without essential fatty acids, life could not exist. These fatty acids produce chemical activities that keep you alive. When you are deficient in these acids, then you are less alive and suffer pain and disease. Discover why essential fatty acids are critical for your well-being.

Essential Oil Bottle ? Now Your Valuable Essential Oil Is Safe

Essential oil is costly and needs to be stored with utmost care. To save essential oil from deteriorating and to retain its aromatic properties, they should ideally be kept in either amber or cobalt blue bottles. Read more about essential oil bottles in the article.

What Kind of Massage is Right for You?

The truth is, massage is one of the best things you can do for yourself; especially during times of change such as menopause. Find out which kind of massage is best for you.

Get A Massage In Sedona

Have you received a massage in Sedona, Arizona? If you haven?t done it already you should put it on your list of things to do. Sedona has some of the most beautiful scenery in the United States and is considered one of the most serene and spiritual places to live or to visit. So, whether you go to Sedona for a business trip, an unforgettable vacation, or a family relocation you might find you want to receive massage therapy.

Tahitian Noni Juice ? Health Myth or Miracle Cure

Is Tahitian Noni Juice a miracle cure or just a marketing lie? The truth about Tahitian Noni Juice and its curative benefits.

Curing Migraine and Headaches the Natural Way!

Is your headache killing you?

Inducting Rasayana Therapy in Our Daily Routine

Ayurveda , the oldest health science has eight branches. Rasayana (rejuvenation) is one of them. Rasa has different meanings like ?juice?, "taste ?, ?essence," "flavor?, or ?emotion", but is not limited to any of these in itself. In therapeutic process Rasa is concerned with the conservation, transformation, and revitalization of energy. Rasa nourishes our body, boosts immunity and helps to keep the body and mind in best of health.

Muscle Testing for Herbs

Testing the muscles is all about testing the body's responses when slight pressure is applied to the large muscles one at a time. This testing provides information about the body's energy blockages, nutritional deficiencies, and food sensitivities. So, you can imagine it's use in testing the body's responses to herbs and herbal remedies.

Migraine Headaches - Effective Natural Treatment Methods!

Migraine headaches can be chronic and disabling. Is it possible to relieve migraines with a simple home treatment?