Addiction to Thinking

Randall sought my help because he was stuck being miserable and had no idea how to get out of his misery. In his life he had experienced moments of great joy and sense of oneness with all of life, but those moments were infrequent. He wanted more of those moments but had no idea how to bring them about.

Boundaries And Addictions

Many of us have experienced difficult relationships with someone or with several people who have been addicted to alcohol, drugs, gambling, or some other unhealthy pursuit. How might we deal with these difficult relationships, recognize them early, and prevent such relationships in the future?

Social Cost of Cocaine Addiction

Learn the cycle of cocaine addiction treatment and help your loved one. The right information is the most powerful weapon you have to get your loved one off drugs.

The Symptoms Of Addiction

Addictions are most commonly associated with drug and alcohol addiction. The truth is millions of people suffer from all kinds of addictions. Common addictions are to alcohol, controlled substances and prescription medicines. Additions you might not think are addictions are related to compulsive behaviors like gambling, shopping, food, the internet.

Cocaine Addiction Forms and Risks

Learn the cycle of cocaine addiction treatment and help your loved one. The right information is the most powerful weapon you have to get your loved one off drugs.

Recovery From Addictions: Part 1

This is the first of a 5-part series on recovery from addictions. This first part defines substance and process addictions and describes the four major false beliefs that underlie most addictions.

3 Simple Factors to Beating Cocaine Addiction

Learn the most effective method to find the drug rehab program you really need and want. Find out how simple it is to select the right program to get your cocaine addiction problem totally handled.

Sexual Attraction - Addiction or Intimacy?

Megan asked the following questions in one of our phone sessions: ?Over and over, when I?m really attracted to a man and I sleep with him fairly early in the relationship, I discover that he is not good husband material. What am I doing wrong? Am I just attracted to the wrong kind of men??

A Google Adsense Addiction

54% of all Google Adsense publishers admit addiction to click income. A recent online study conducted by a small group of Google Publishers found that 54% of all Adsense publishers where addicted to the income potential of Googles Pay Per Click system.

Screening for Poly-Behavioral Addiction

With the end of the Cold War, the threat of a world nuclear war has diminished considerably. It may be hard to imagine that in the end, comedians may be exploiting the humor in the fact that it wasn?t nuclear warheads, but ?French fries? that annihilated the human race, when considering that food addictions and their related diseases now afflict more people globally than malnutrition. The behavioral addiction disorders (e.g., food addictions, pathological gambling, and other obsessively-compulsive behavioral-patterns to religion, and/ or sex / pornography, etc.) are just as damaging, psychologically and socially as alcohol and drug abuse.

What Causes Poly-Behavioral Addiction?

The reasons for initially trying different socially acceptable legal drugs (e.g. alcohol, cigarettes, etc.), and/ or illegal drugs, or for that matter any addictive behavior involvement (e.g. gambling, binge-eating, etc.) are multi-factored (e.g. peer-pressure, boredom, etc.). In the twentieth century approximately 65% (Helzer et al., 1990) of healthy American individuals (born in a family--free from a history of substance abuse for example, and raised in a positive environment with positive values and conditioning) experiment with underage drinking and possibly smoking cigarettes at least once as adolescents or during a ?college dorm - binge drinking? - phase of life.

Understanding Addictions

Addictions eventually catch up with you and change your life in such a way that you will have to face the fact that you need help. Recovering from addictions usually happens once you have hit the bottom and finally realize that you need help from outside sources so that you can lead a life that is addiction free.

The Dark Side Of Cash Advance, Its Addiction And How You Can Overcome It.

The main reason anyone should avoid cash advances is the huge interest rates that companies attach to their loans. These huge interest rates will make you pay so much back that it will put you in an even deeper financial problem. This is why you need to seek out a cash advance loan with affordable interest rates or simply look for another way to get the money you need until your next paycheck.

Chewing Tobacco - How To Stop The Addiction

If you think smokeless tobacco is "up to snuff" and harmless, think again. Whatever you like to call it - spitting, dipping or chewing - it is every bit as harmful as smoking. The majority of medical researchers judge more so because users are not as aware of the threats. Cancers of the lips, mouth, tongue and throat can swiftly grow in people who use smokeless tobacco and cause grotesque and debilitating - even deadly - results.

Drug addiction

In the field of addiction, there are a lot of the different views from scientist and professionnals in the area of substance abuse.

Alcohol Rehab: How Rehab Centers Help Addiction Recovery

Alcohol addiction is a serious disease. Not only can it tear a family apart and lead to financial ruin, it can also lead to the premature death of the alcoholic. Therefore, it is vital for person suffering from this disease to find help immediately. Without help, it is nearly impossible for a person with an alcohol addiction to recover and return to a normal, healthy life.

Sex, Love, and Poly-Behavioral Addiction

Experts in the field of addictions are presently purporting that between 3 and 6 percent of the world?s population (193 to 386 million people) are presently affected by a sexual dependency or compulsivity (Carnes, 2005). Sexual dependency is a diagnosable and treatable disease, which today is generally, regarded in about the same way that alcoholism and drug addiction (chemical dependency) was regarded 40 years ago. Even so, there still exists a wide range of understandable misunderstandings about compulsive sexual acting out, created out of ignorance about the nature of sexual addiction, and supported and perpetuated by the multibillion dollar pornography industry.

About smoking addiction

Here is a survay of the factors that contribute to the addiction to smoking and nicotine.

Addiction to Clutter

Clutter is a big problem for many people. At a lecture that I gave, I asked for a show of hands regarding how many people had problems with clutter and disorganization. I was surprised to find that at least half the people raised their hands.

Smokers, Death Benefit Arguments, and Poly-behavioral Addiction

Do Governments Save Money by Watching Smokers Die Prematurely?

Addiction to Talking

There is an old joke about people who talk a lot: ?Do you know the 12-Step program for people who talk a lot? On and On Anon!?

Video Game Addiction

For most of us, video games represent a pleasant break in the day and a source of some entertainment. However a consumer concern group is seeking to raise the understanding in the general public that computer games misuse posses a significant and growing source of addiction in our society. This addiction is real and threatens the lives of many adults and children. It is not limited to children and young adults but affects members of the population at all levels of society and...

Prevent your partner's addiction now

Addiction to a substance can happen extremely quickly when someone is vulnerable. Get them help, take action fast.

Beyond Fear And Addiction: Six Steps To Healing

There is a wonderful anachronism for FEAR:

Addiction; Desperate Maladies Require Desperate Remedies

An addiction is an uncontrollable strong craving for something, or to be abnormally dependent on something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming. There are many types of addiction, the most common are alcohol addiction, narcotic addiction, and drug addiction; also known as substance dependence.