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Who is Watching the Children 20054

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Who is Watching the Children

Who is Watching the Children
Parents play a vital role in the censoring of television violence from their children by monitoring what they watch on a regular basis; however parents often confront television producers for introducing harmful materials to their kids. The men and women who run the television industry have been receiving a great deal of pressure these past few years about what is considered acceptable on television. Far too many parents have been pointing the proverbial finger of blame without realizing they have three more pointing back at them.
Although television producers have somewhat of an obligation to air suitable content on television, children are the sole responsibility of their parents. Suzanne Braun Levine in “Caution: Children Watching” states “I’m less proud of the fact that I don’t exert very strong controls over what they watch; and there have even been times when I have caught an image of a horrendous act of violence out of the corner of my eye…and kept walking.”(316) Levine does actually monitor some of what her children watch by limiting viewing time, and



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