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Was Sigmund Freud A Fraud

As a child a person had a painful experience. The older the person gets s/he starts forgetting about it, pushing it into his/her unconscious mind. Even though it is forgotten, it is still there and s/he starts to recapture the experience in dreams, confusing dreams with distorted images so s/he doesn’t know what it means. S/he continues having the dream night after night. Finally s/he decide s/he had had enough. S/he makes an appointment with a psychoanalyst, where he will help s/he analyze his/her dream and find the root of his/her conflict; then he’ll help s/he cope with pain, so s/he can sleep better at night. Sigmund Freud (the father of psychoanalysis because of his interest with dream analysis), was able to use dreams as a key to unlock the unawareness level of our unconscious minds. His extensive work still contributes to the modern field of psychology.
People have had many different opinions about Freud and his ideas. Some of them were good while others were just rude. Freud and his devoted



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