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The Roswell Incident

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The Roswell Incident

Could it be that a flying saucer did in fact crash near Roswell, New Mexico in July 1947 and is being covered up by our government? During my research I have found many authors that almost seem dedicated to disproving the alleged flying saucer story. Many indications seem to lean toward that what crashed was in fact of extra-terrestrial origin, this is based on factual information, witnesses, and the fact that it cannot be satisfactorily explained away with the justifications given over the past 50 years by the United States Air Force. The stories of the events of Roswell, New Mexico are fascinating, and not widely known, since many of them were off the record until recently.
The town of Roswell, New Mexico was the location of many UFO sightings in the later 1940's and was the location of Roswell Army Air field; a military base. Most of the local people had a story or two to tell about their experiences with these sightings, but are now coming forward with stories about how the government threatened them not to speak of the incidents that occurred. Some felt as though their life was endangered if



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