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The Personal and Professional Life of Albert Bandura 15163

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The Personal and Professional Life of Albert Bandura

Albert Bandura is a key contributor to the field of psychology. More specifically, he is responsible for major research pertaining to the social learning theory (Thomas, 2000). Contrary to prior beliefs about social learning theory Bandura concluded that while environment causes behavior, behavior causes environment as well. Fortunately for the field of psychology, Bandura’s life took the course it did.
Albert Bandura was born on December 4, 1925, in Alberta, Canada. He was the youngest and only boy among six children born to Ukrainian parents. Bandura spent his elementary and high school years at the one and only school in town. After graduating Bandura began his collegiate career at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver (Pajares, 2002).
Bandura entered the field of psychology by chance. He was a part of a daily car pool that began very early in the morning. Since this car pool was his only means of transportation to campus he decided to take a class to fill the early slot. Bandura ended up taking a course on psychology. He was immediately fascinated and decided to major in it (Pajares, 2002). After



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