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The Downside of Marriage

This document includes theories in regards to marriage in the modern age. Many young people today are no longer making the choice to marry. Young people today, especially woman, have more opportunities and getting married has become more a matter of personal choice as opposed to an expectation. There are a number of social, physical, and financial benefits that have made the case for remaining single one that young people have found more appealing than the alternative. Studies from a number of experts in the field of health, social sciences, and finance are cited with specific examples as to why marriage in the modern age has become unnecessary.
In American culture, it is generally assumed that everybody wants to be married, or to be in a long-term relationship and that everybody would be better off that way. Having one person to help combat the ups and downs of life is seemingly an ideal situation for most people, however more and more people are making the decision to not marry.  Younger generations are finding that the once prevalent reasons to marry are no longer applicable.  There are increased social



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