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Stroop Effect

Participants - The people that were involved in this study were the students enrolled in section sixty-three of Psychology 132. The students paired off and participated as part of a class demonstration.
Design - The independent variables in this experiment include the reading of the words and the naming of the colors on the cards. These variables are directly controlled by the experimenter’s ability to read the words and name the colors. The dependent variable in this experiment is the amount of time it took the participant to finish reading the words or naming the colors on each card.
Procedure - One person in the group is the experimenter while the other is the participant. First, the participant only has to read the words on the card with the black ink; however, he has to name each color on the card with the colored patches. Second, the participant has to name the colors of the patches on the card. Third, they have to name the ink color that each word is written in, even though the color that is written is different than the ink color it is written in



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