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Stress Managment

Stress is a part of life that everyone deals with at one time or another. Everyone has different levels of stress and different coping mechanisms. According to Trevor Powell in the book Free Yourself from Harmful Stress. Stress is a positive force that enables you to survive. A certain level of stress is beneficial and stimulates you to perform well. Too much stress can impair performance. Stress has three basic components; these are sources, life skills, and signs or symptoms. Sources are everyday demands or major changes in your life. Life skills are the resources you have for coping with the events. And signs or symptoms are the physical and emotional symptoms that indicate that the demands outweigh your ability to cope. (Free Yourself from Harmful Stress-10, 11,15, and 16)
Trevor Powell also goes on to talk about the causes of stress. Sources of stress can be caused by a number of things such as, losing a job, divorce, financial problems, family problems, etc. It is wildly recognized that if you suffer several life event changes you will find it difficult to cope and you will suffer more symptoms of stress. (Free



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