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Stereotypical Family Relationships

When I was young, my father was my hero. I remember the smell of his cologne in the mornings as he wrapped me in my pink jacket and held my small pink hand in his as he walked me to preschool. The late night smells of pipe tobacco that lingered in the living room just before bed, always made me fall asleep in the arms of safety. I also recall my first day with the Nancy Green Racers, a local ski club. I cried silently underneath my goggles all the way up the lift because the man sitting beside me, for the first time in my life, was not the smiling face of my father. Somehow, over the years I’ve spent growing up, I’ve also grown farther from my father. Whether it was his inability to understand the adolescent pressures of being feminine, or my inability to accept his attempts at understanding, the end result today is a void, a gaping hole between us. Relationships between parents and children are difficult things. They vary between one family and the next. They also change with attitudes, choices, and especially



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