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Stereotypes in Romantic Relationships 212201

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Stereotypes in Romantic Relationships

Increasing focus on metaphors, as well as stereotypes, have been arising as means to understand and encapsulate society. As history progressed, major occurrences, namely the rise of the feminist thought cycle, has had heavy influence on this steady process of literary devices becoming conventional in our everyday discourse, in order to define those prevalent changes in the way that we perceive the differences in sexes. Still a prominent and ever-growing aspect of society, this sub-culture became a paradigm that a sizable conglomerate of people share across the globe, that has pushed a surging movement to break the negative stereotypes relating to females. However, although this is seen as a positive act, males are now trailing far behind, with the vast majority of society overlooking the stereotypes that discriminate and connote negatively towards males. “Blueprints and Recipes: Gendered Metaphors for Genetic Medicine,” written by Celeste M. Condit and Deirdre M. Condit (2001), and “The Egg and The Sperm: How Science has Constructed a Romance Based on Stereotypical Male-Female Roles,” by Emily Martin (2003), discuss the strength of implications held in metaphors, as well as the gendered stereotypes held within metaphors respectively. In



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