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Sociology of a Family 206112

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Sociology of a Family

The meaning of family and structure of family is different for everyone among different cultures and countries. In general a family can be understood as a group that are related by birth, marriage, adoption, or living together. As for me, my mother, father, younger brother, and younger sister are my family and this may be different for some people. For example a close friend of mine has a family of three consisting of herself and her mother unlike my family that has siblings and both parents. In come cases people live with other members in their extended families like a grandparent, in-laws, aunt, uncle, or cousins. I have seen this very common among my family in Pakistan where they live in large families with several extended members. In my grandmothers family in Pakistan her family consist of her husband, her son, her daughter-in-law, and her grandkids. As a Pakistani-American there are various differences I have seen in the two countries' culture. Being there just three months ago I have seen the views of family people have in Pakistan as compare to here in New York specifically in Long Island



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