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Simple and Complex - The World of Savants

In this book and one of his best-sellers, along with Awakenings, the well-known neurologist Dr. Oliver Sacks describes the case stories of some of his patients who have neurological disorders. In fact, the title of the book comes from the case of a man who suffers from visual agnosia. The book consists of twenty-four case stories divided into four parts; "Losses," "Excesses," "Transports" and "The World of the Simple," and in each part are described specific disorders associated with brain deficits. Also, each one has its own introduction and every case story is followed by a postscript where Dr. Sacks compares them with similar cases and studies. In this review, the chapter that is going to be covered is part four, "The World of the Simple."
The last chapter of the book contains cases from people with savant syndrome, "a rare, but extraordinary condition in which persons with serious mental disabilities, including autistic disorder, have some ‘island of genius' that stands in marked, incongruous contrast to overall handicap" (Treffert, 2009, p.1351), whose world though plain is very concrete as Dr. Sacks notes. The fist story is



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