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Scientific Management

Compare and contrast Scientific Management with the Human Relations Theories of Management. How would a knowledge of these two approaches help you manage a welfare service.
This essay will address theories of Scientific Management and Human Relations theories of Management, and discusses how they may be implemented into the welfare service. Evidence of advantages and disadvantages and similarities and differences will be discussed and critically evaluated. Attempts to look into which social class these theories are best applied will be discussed. Science means “to know” and attempts to find out information by gathering knowledge. Thus the two theories which are being studied are in pursuit of this knowledge. Scientific Management is a study of management and attempts “to know” what motivates people to work harder and become more productive. The Humanistic approach is a far more modern approach to management adopting a far more hands on approach, but with ultimately the same goal. The two approaches to management will be discussed, incorporating the effectiveness in society today and relating it to the probation service. To conclude, an evaluation will be made on the findings.
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