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Methylphenidate, more commonly known as Ritalin, is a Central Nervous System stimulant drug. It is used to treat Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) in kids, teens, and adults. Novartis (formerly Ciba-Geigy) began producing Ritalin about 30 years ago. It was designed to fix a chemical-imbalance in the brain (ADD and ADHD). The use of Ritalin began slowly, but as soon as the ADD diagnosis became more common, so did the prescriptions of Ritalin. “ADD has become an increasingly common diagnosis for young people with learning disabilities, causing a dramatic spike in Ritalin prescriptions. Though the drug helps ADD sufferers focus, it acts as a stimulant in those who are not diagnosed with the disorder.” http://www.articles.student.com/article/Ritalin.
Ritalin is classified by the DEA as a Schedule II drug. High school and college students commonly abuse Ritalin for a quick ‘high.’ A single pill of Ritalin usually costs the drug abuser anywhere between $3 and $5 on the streets. “Ritalin effect is equal to that of cocaine or amphetamines, however Ritalin is more potent and lasts longer.” http://www.students.stedwards.edu/~sgottne/summ5.htm. There are



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