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Renaissance Medicine

Medicine during the Renaissance
“ It is no the title of eloquence, nor the knowledge of the language, nor the reading of books, however ornamental, that are the requirements of a physician, but the deepest knowledge of things themselves and of nature’s secrets and this knowledge outweighs all else….”
- Paracelsus
This is a very strong and powerful quote made by a great man of the Renaissance, Paracelsus. It tells how self-confidence is much more important than knowledge from books. Paracelsus got the inspiration to write this quote from his own work and experience as a physician. Medicine was a very dynamic and prominent field during the Renaissance. The developments of the science and technology of medicine during the Renaissance influenced many medical advances in the world today.
“In the transition of civilized mankind from medieval to modern conditions, many forces were operative, but undoubtedly the most potent for the growth of individualism and release from the band of authority were the inventions of gunpowder, and of printing, the most potent agent in uplifting mankind by self-education” (Garrison 193). The renaissance or rebirth was



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