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Psychology Of Serial Killer

The term "Serial Killer" was first used by an FBI agent named Robert K. Ressler. A serial killer is an individual who performs a mass homicide with an abnormal intent in mind. A serial killer is not an individual who kills multiple individuals with no rhyme or reason to it, this is known as a mass murderer. To a serial killer, there is much more in a killing. There are usually patterns, clues, or at least something that links a serial killer to his kills. Most serial killers can be classified as intelligent, if not highly intelligent. This is a common trait among serial killers, and it is one of among many other psychological traits that seperates them from the common day to day murderer.
In the beginning stages of a serial killer's life, there are many signs that can point out the psychological difference in the individual from the rest of society. These three significant childhood symptoms are known as the terrible triad. They consist of bed wetting after the age of 12, which occurs in 60% of serial killers. Fire-starting, which is an odd fascination that the child



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