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Personality Analysis - The Royal Tennenbaums

Royal Tennenbaum is a character in the movie, The Royal Tennenbaum's (2001). He's an estranged husband and the father of three proclaimed genius children. For over twenty years he lives the high life in an upscale hotel prior to being kicked out due to non- payment. He is broke and has nowhere to live so he decides to fake a terminal illness in order to gain approval and refuge in his former home with his spouse. His adult children return home for various reasons and Royal takes to task mending his broken relationships under the guise of having cancer. Royal realizes he has missed out on his children lives and begins trying to make up for the lost time. The boyfriend of his spouse discovers his lie and tells the family to kick him out, which they do. From this point Royal obtains a job and continues mending his relationships and learning more about his family. In the end, Royal dies of a heart attack but not before he was able to make peace with his children, give's his wife the divorce she wants so she is



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