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Parenting Styles - The Good and the Bad 205571

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Parenting Styles - The Good and the Bad

Every parent has their own particular way of parenting. Which is usually dependent on how the parents were raised. Although every parent has their own style pf parenting, all can usually be grouped into three distinct categories. There is the strict parents, the permissive ones, and the choice givers. The style in which a parent uses, plays a vital role in the relationship with their child.
The strict parents are the ones who rule over every aspect of the child's life. This style is very demanding and unresponsive. The parents want their children to comply with a list of rules. Not only do the parents demand the child to comply, but do so without being told. Communication between the child and parent seems to be a problem with this style of parenting. Most of the time the rules set by the parents restrict the child's social life, physical activity, and emotional state. This usually results in a bad relationship between the two and social awkwardness. In the end, the children usually have low social competence because the parents prevent the child from making decisions on



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