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Observation: Female Toddler

Today I'm using my husband's granddaughter for my observation paper. She is a rambunctious little thing and she is adorable as they come. I had the pleasure of having her with me for about 4 days. She got into everything! She is very spoiled and doesn't like to listen at times but I get after her. She is almost two and she has hit the terrible two stage. She climbs, run, jump and does everything a tow year old id not supposed to do in terms of behavior but She is also advanced for her age. In this paper I am using her to observe her different levels of lifespan up until her age and to observe her to see if she is actually where she is supposed to be for her age.
Observations in Sequence
1. Name: Skylar Lee, 18month old African American Female. Two feet and 40lbs.
2. She walks very well and she is stable on her feet. She picked up a ball and held on to it. She threw the ball really well as she and I played catch. She also kicked the ball and ran after it



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