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Needless War With Spain

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Needless War With Spain

The Needless War With Spain Critical Analysis
In "The Needless War With Spain", it's author, William E. Leuchtenburg, strongly felt that the people of the United States ignorantly yet aggressively wanted to expand their land and prove to themselves and the world that they were a dominant superpower. For example, when Senator Shelby M. Cullom claimed that if they took over the whole Northern Hemisphere, only then would they have a nation.
Leuchtenburg gave a timeline of the events before the war in order to show how pointless the war was and who may be to blame. For example, tabloid newspapers had portrayed Cuba as an island seeking freedom and peace and Spain as merciless barbarians. To add another example of the hardships put on the Cuban people, Leuchtenburg mentions how Spain sent Valeriano “Butcher” Weyler to Cuba to enforce the laws. He was a tyrannical dictator that was dubbed "The Butcher" by American newspapers.
Leuchtenburg clearly expresses his opinion that America naively went into war with absolutely no knowledge of the outcome. It is true that they wished to help Cuba in their turmoil but the land we



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