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Movie - The Royal Tenenbaums

Studies have shown that there are many small mistakes parents can make to seriously damage and scar their children - sometimes, permanently. One of these is a very common issue called parental favoritism. This occurs when one or both parents treat one or more of their children in a more favorable way than the rest. This can be displayed in multiple ways. Some examples would be spending more time with a certain child, showing a child significantly less discipline than the rest, abusing a particular child, and many other ways. Studies have shown that these kinds of parental behaviors can have long-lasting negative consequences on both the favored and disfavored children, such as more depression, greater aggressiveness, lower self-esteem, poorer academic performance, as well as several other struggles. It can also result in dysfunctions that apply to the entire family, like marital strain and sibling rivalry.
The disastrous outcomes of parental favoritism are clearly displayed in the film, "The Royal Tenenbaums." The movie depicts a family where the father of three. Royal Tenenbaum clearly favors his son, Richie, over his other children, and completely neglecting and disrespecting his adopted



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