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Long ago, on the island of Guana, there lived two elderly Gods, Phorcys and his wife Ceto. For a long time they had been waiting for a child. Finally, to there delight, Ceto gave birth to not just one, but three beautiful daughters named Stheno, Eurwale, and Medusa. The daughters where so beautiful that they could attract any and every man they saw. Although this was a very useful factor, it also had its downsides. One of them was that the ugliest of the ugly where attracted to them as well.
One night, as the wonderful family of five slept, the women of the island plotted against the three beautiful sisters. The next morning, the women of the island had the ugliest of the ugly men chase the three sisters out of there house. As the sisters ran, each chose their own path. Stheno ran north, Eurwale ran south, and Medusa ran east. Eventually Medusa came across Poseidon, supreme God of the sea. As Medusa began to explain her story, she spotted the men and women of the island coming after her. When Poseidon saw them, he created a massive title wave, destroying the



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