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Major Trends in Psychotherapy

The article I chose was major trends in psychotherapy: implications for priorities for psychotherapy. My understanding of this article is as follows: -
The author has chosen seven major trends to discuss here. These are not a complete list but it discusses more interesting points to note in the evolving field of psychotherapy. These trends and themes are of great importance to the way we view the current and evolution of these practices.
The seven topics that were discussed in this article were psycho-economics, the new client, gender and psychotherapy, psychotherapy and the elderly, drug therapy and psychotherapy, professional training at the doctoral level and beyond and pragmatism.
Psycho-economics: a lot of money is spent on mental health. The federal government, insurance companies and self-insured co-operation have a great impact on how services are rendered. Some of the terms the author use to descried how most therapist livelihood is impacted are cost effectiveness, accountability and pre-authorization. One cost effectiveness, accountability and pre-authorization .One cost-effective way is a trend to use brief therapy, such as brief solution counseling and therapy (SOCT) instead of more lengthy and



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