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Literary Definitions

Literature Assessed Questions- definitions
Paradox is a term associated with formalism which is often used in parallel with irony and ambivalence, but when being discussed, frequently refers to metaphysical poetry. In its simplest form a paradox is a statement which although might seem like absurd nonsense or contradictory, actually expresses truth reconciling the conflicting opposites. Much like the famous play staged by Prince Hamlet. Although paradox is essentially a form of wit and humor and Hamlet is well- renown for its tragic events. Yet there is much truth to be found in the riddle that Hamlet speaks when referring to the King, thus there is at many points a case of paradox. Even though choosing Hamlet to refer to is a slight paradox in itself there is much scope for formalist criticism (of which paradox is a part) in Hamlet, after all the theme of the plot as Shakespeare wrote is “cowards die many times before their deaths.”
Many critics however, often shape their interpretation of paradox though as being one, which is some-thing to be, associated with intellectual appreciation rather than emotional enjoyment. It falls into the



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