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Kant And Descartes

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Kant And Descartes

The rationalist Descartes and the empiricist Hume
Descartes is a rational thinker and he rationalizes through his studies that nothing in the world is known. I will briefly discuss the three meditations of Descartes. Hume is an empiricist who attempts to explain things based on cause and effect, true or false. I will briefly discuss Hume’s cause and effect theory, and they way he classifies into two ways how knowledge gives us experience and how he thinks we can not predict the future but only make inferences to it based on the past. I will agree with Descartes method of reasoning yet I will argue that Descartes seems insecure because his need to ask questions about everything he has known, about everything that currently exists, and his own existence.
Descartes tires to convince not only himself, but also the reader that in his theory, one must reject all of his present ideas and beliefs and start from nothing. He believed that reason as opposed to experience was the source for discovering what is of absolute certainty. His first meditation acts as the foundation for the following ones. He discerns between



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