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Introduction to Child Psychology- Educational Reforms 20253

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Introduction to Child Psychology- Educational Reforms

School is Hell
Reform Number 1: Each student should have their own hot tub
Number 2: Have a professional typist go to your classes to take notes for you
~"Back to School" starring Rodney Dangerfield"
School reforms are a necessity in this country. I have witnessed soul-shrouding ambivalence on the part of the education system. The indifference towards education, truth, and the human condition that I have witnessed and had reinforced by the plight of others makes my body nauseous. I will attempt to display some examples of the sickness of the education system, although such a task would be more suited for a gargantuan expose akin to uncovering the horrors of Stalinism.
It is the policy of the University of Southern California to require every single undergraduate student to take not one, but two writing courses, regardless of the student's area of study. This isn't such a bad idea in theory, but in practice it is nothing more than enslavement. The idea is that every student who receives an undergraduate degree from USC have a certain level of writing ability. That sounds nice



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