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Ideas On Sociology

Webster's Dictionary defines sociology very simply: the study of society and the development of
human society. To describe it in a little more detail, and with less vagueness, sociology can be
explained as a scientific study of human social relationships. There are several other branches of the
social sciences that are also effected by sociology - they include economics, anthropology, psychology
and political science. All of these subjects fall within the realm of societies. Sociologists study closely
the ways in which different institutions and structures such as your family, your wealth (or lack of it),
your community and your general surroundings influence your society. Social problems such as
poverty, crime, and abuse also come under sociology and also help shape society.
The most basic concept in sociology is the way people interact with each other. These
interactions are the basic level of communication between people in realtionships, no matter how minor
the relationship is. Sociologists can generally be put into two different categories depending on what
they tend to study. Those who examine social patterns and trends locally, nationally or



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