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Human Motivations and Emotion

Psychologists consider that the connection between motivation and emotion comes from the motives of motivation and the arousal of emotion and motives both of which triggers behavior. Emotions always go hand in hand with motives. It is characteristic for basic emotions to hold motivational properties of their own. For example, happiness motivates a person to attain better performance.
Humans are born with a set of behaviors that direct us to behave or act in certain ways so that we can accomplish certain needs. These behaviors are known as instincts. Some of these instincts are important when it comes to our survival. This approach suggests that humans are born to be motivated. There are four types of approach that shows human are motivated to satisfy our need. The drive reduction approach, this approach suggests that the human body has the ability to act in a certain way that maintains a steady internal state. This tendency is known as homeostasis. For example when one is hungry you are motivated to look for food to reduce your hunger drive. Secondly is the arousal approach, this motivation approach suggests that when our



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