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How Have Sports Changed In The U.S

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How Have Sports Changed In The U.S

How have sports changed particularly in the United States, if they have, from the initial purpose in antiquity to the present? Using your response to the aforementioned question and considering the concepts of “play” and “sport,” should gambling prevent a professional player from being considered for induction in a hall of fame?
Sports in the United States have changed drastically from the initial purpose in antiquity to the present. Sport in America has evolved from an informal, recreational, and participatory activity into an organized, competitive, and commercial one. There are many factors that have influenced this evolution of sport. Probably the biggest factor involved was the urbanization of America during the late nineteenth century, combined with enormous population growth. “Other factors influencing this change are the shifting currents within the historical profession and/or by recent developments both on and off the playing field” (Radar, 1983). As a result of these changes sport has reached an all-time high in popularity in the United States.
In a sense, sport developed out of play. Play according to Huizinga (1979) is a “free activity” that involves rules, a desire to play, freedom



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