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General Tyres

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General Tyres

DATED: Wednesday, October 09, 2002
• General tyres was established in Pakistan in 1963
• Continental A.G., a Germany based multinational is the holding company of General tyres in Pakistan, which has a 10 per cent equity stake in the General Tyre Pakistan and Biboji, the heirs of late General Habibullah having the single largest equity stake of 34 per cent. Other partners in the General Tyre are Pak-Kuwait, 27 per cent and National Investment Trust, 12 per cent
• Previous MD of the company was Dr. A.S. Mufti who has recently resigned
• The zone incharge for Rawalpindi is Mr. Rashid.
• General Tyres produces all range of tyres from 800cc cars to large size Hino Trucks. It is a fact that general tyre is the only tyre manufacturing company in Pakistan that produces the complete range of tyres for the Pakistani market
• Production plant is located at H/23/2, S.I.T.E, Landhi, Karachi
Passenger car tyres; e.g. Taxi, Hilux and other small vehicles including Suzuki, Toyota and Honda: Market share of 40%
Light Truck tyres: Market share of 20%
Agriculture Tyres: Market share



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