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Gender And Emotional Response

My initial interest was to answer the age-old adage that women are more emotional than men in a variety of instances. I surveyed seventy-eight individuals from undergraduate classes. The participants were given a survey in which they were asked to read four case studies; two involving potentially “negative” emotions (i.e. loosing a family pet, and infidelity), and two potentially “positive” situations (i.e. a wedding day, and meeting a birth-family for the first time). Responses were recorded on the survey when the participant answered seven standard questions regarding the case studies. It was hypothesized that women would give higher scores than men regarding the case studies. What I found was that women did respond significantly more emotional in the “positive” cases, but were not significantly emotional in the “negative” cases. These results implied that gender stereotypes might have an effect in the way that men and women perceive emotion.
Gender and Emotional Response
Previous researchers have tried to clarify the topic of whether women are more emotional than men by simply asking the question whether they show emotion differently than men; and



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