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Forensic Psychology

Movies such as Kiss the Girls, Manhunter or Resurrection are embellished to the point of ridicule by those that participate in real criminal investigations. Real life profiling (a term for assessing a psychological profile) is not exactly what you see in television shows and movies. There is an abundance of articles about forensic psychology, yet not one author can agree on exactly what forensic psychology is. Forensic Psychology (a.k.a.: profiling, personality profiling, or criminal investigative analyzing) is the scientific field which applies psychological knowledge to the science of forensics. However, most people -- even among the investigative professionals
-- misunderstand its purpose, effectiveness, and classification in the forensic field. From the inquiries in the 'frequently asked questions' area of many psychology associated web pages, it appears that forensics is one of the most misunderstood of psychological disciplines.
Everyone has a different way of explaining things. Three people can look at the same picture taken at a crime scene, but when writing a detailed report of what they are looking at, it would read as if they were looking at three different crime scene pictures. Describing a field of interest is much



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