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First impressions

First Impressions as 2
The present study explored the effect of living things on first impressions. Students (N=21, Males=4, Females=17) from Eastern Kentucky University participated as part of a class assignment. Students rated their own first impressions on a questionnaire after viewing one of two slides, either a slide with living things (N=12) or a slide without living things (N=9). Students who viewed the slide with living things had higher ratings than students who viewed the slide without living things. These results imply that individuals who are in professional fields should try to place living things in their office to make students or visitors feel more at ease.
First Impressions as 3
First Impressions as a function of Office Interiors
Does the presence of living things impact individual’s first impressions? Some individuals seem to think so. Some say the presence of living things puts them at ease while others say it really makes no difference. I guess it all depends on the nature of the individual.
It appears that the presence of living things can affect visitor response. Take for instance a study conducted by



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