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Fiji is located in the South Pacific Ocean about two-thirds of the way from Hawaii to New Zealand, in the area of the world they call Oceania. Fiji consists of 332 islands, which 110 are inhabited. If you were to compare it to something in the U.S. It would be slightly smaller than the state of New Jersey. Officially known as the Sovereign Democratic Republic of the Fiji Islands. The Fiji Islands are an independent nation consisting of an archipelago surrounding the Koro Sea.
The Fiji Islands are largely the product of volcanoes, sedimentary deposits and formations of coral. Viti Lever, the largest island, has an area of about 10,429 square kilometers and accounts for more than half of the Fiji’s land. There is a Mountain range by the name of Nakauvadia, that runs North and South. The highest peak being that of Mount Tomanivi which is 4,341 feet and was formerly called Mount Victoria. The main river systems the Rewa, Nauva, Sigatoka, and Ba all have their source in the central Mountain area.
Fiji enjoys a tropical South sea maritime climate without great extremes of temperatures. At the capital Suva, the average summer high is



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