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Feminist and Sociology of Education

The sociology of education is a heart of the discipline of sociology as well as being a part of education discipline. Such dual existence is one of the unusual characteristics of the sociology of education. However there is a tension between opinions, some people see sociology as a pure science and other who sees sociology as an applied field of study. Sociology of education overlaps with other subfields such as ethnicity, race, religion and stratification. Due to a lot of existent subfields in sociology there are a lot of other subfields which play its role in the field of sociology of education. The sector of sociology of education keeps growing with a rapid speed in many countries. Despite its popularity nowadays, the sociology of education was not recognised as a other sub-disciplines of sociology because its represents two different topics sociology and education. Back in the eighties Young (2000) states that education became to disappear from the university curricula, especially in the department of education and teacher training (Saha, 2011).
What is the Sociology of Education?
The word Sociology is taken from the combination of the Latin socius



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