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Fathers and Paternity Leave 205024

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Fathers and Paternity Leave

During a recent White House summit on working family, President Obama said "A whole lot of father would love to be home for their new baby's first weeks in the world  (Gretchen, 2014). Of course Obama is a father in his family and he would want to be with his family for his newborn baby like other men do. But in general those men cannot take the leave because of the negative consequences that will come after. Some companies do not offer the leave and some that do offer the leave show the unspoken disapproval and they know exactly what punishments they will get after they come back to work from the leave. The consequences are most likely to effect on the earnings and other benefits from work. Although men who take paternity leave offer career penalties and social backlash, but there are many benefits from it that worth the risks.
The opponents of paternity leave for men claim that dads are considered providers first and nurturing second (Poniewozik, 2014), but the truth is men can be either of them or both. There are many evidences that show the love



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