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The Mysteries of Autism

In today's society diversity has become a huge factor. Classrooms all over the world contain children with different ethnicities, socioeconomic backgrounds, family life styles, and disabilities. When children with different backgrounds enter a classroom it is important for the teacher to understand the child and any disability the child may have. Knowing as much information about the child as possible dramatically helps to improve the lives of children, especially those with disabilities.
Autism is a disability that is becoming more prevalent within the United States and in classrooms. It is important to know what children are being affected and how we as educators can help them best, (http://www.child-autism-parent-cafe.com/autism-students-in-inclusive-classrooms.html). First, we need to know the definition of autism and who it affects. "Autism is a neurological developmental disorder characterized by impaired social functioning, impaired communication, and restricted and repetitive behaviors,  (Burack, A.J., Charman, T., Yirmiya, N., Zelazo, R.P., 2001). Some researchers believe that "Autism knows no racial, ethnic, or social boundaries,  (Dyches, T., Wilder, L., Sudweeks, R., Obiakor, F., & Algozzine, B, 2004). It is also believed that family income, lifestyle, and educational levels do not affect the chance of



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