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Ed Gein

For my Psychology portfolio I chose to present the movie Ed Gein. This movie is a psychological thriller based on the life of America’s first famous serial killer. Ed Gein, a reclusive farmer who was convicted for necrophila, cannibalism, and murder is a unique story. The fact that Ed Gein’s below average childhood evolved a deranged murderer declared criminally insane was very interesting. After watching Ed Gein I was propelled to understand the psychosis behind this man and his true story.
Born at the turn of the century into the small farming community of Plainfield, Wisconsin, Gein lived a repressive and solitary life on the family homestead with a weak, ineffectual older brother and domineering mother who taught him from an early age that sex, women, and anything impure was a sinful thing abominable to God. One time when Augusta, his mother, viciously beat him with a belt because he was caught masturbating. Despite tongue-lashings and the overt physical abuse, Gein adored his mother. He called her a devout Christian woman and a saint. He had little adoration for his father who was unattached, verbally abusive man to



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