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Dangerous Advertising

Dangerous Advertising
Advertisers will do anything to capture the attention of their audience. They have been known to take extreme measures to ensure that their message gets across. Through the use of sexuality and social clichés they capture audiences around the world. Much research has been done by advertising companies to create the most effective ad to jam into a thirty second time slot. Many people do not realize how effective these ads really are. Most people would like to say that ads targeted at them have no effect on their choices and decisions, but if this was the case businesses would have no reason to advertise their products. Advertising plays a very large roll in our daily lives. In Jean Killbourne’s documentary Killing Us Softly she says, “An average person will spend about three years watching advertisements on T.V. alone.” With this much time spent watching advertisements a person can’t help but be affected by them.
It is a fact that advertisers will create a market for a product even if there isn’t one by creating a “problem” that a “typical



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