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Corporal Punishment and Aggression 201618

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Corporal Punishment and Aggression

Most parents use some type of coercion with their children, and they all differ in terms of how they implement these strategies. (Trickett & Susman, 1988). How parents evaluate the behavior of their children can be influenced by their expectations (Tedeschi & Felson, 1994). We employed several of the classic measures of hostility (Buss & Durkee, 1957) in order to try to predict scores on the Attitudes Toward Spanking Scale (Gagne, Tourigny, Joly, Pouliot-Lapointe, 2007). In this way, we wanted to investigate whether someone's propensity for violence in general would lead to a greater acceptance of corporal punishment toward children.
A total of 19 students from a Social Psychology course (5 males, 13 females, 1 did not response) chose to participate in this research project. For their participation they received minimal extra credit in the class. The ethnic background was quite diverse with 9 claiming to be Hispanic or Latino, 3 Anglo/Caucasian, 3 claiming Mixed, 2 Asian-American, and 1 African-American. The average age was 25.6 (SD = 9.6) years and all years were represented, the largest being sophomores (n = 9).
Participants completed three subscales from Buss & Durkee's (1957) Hostility-Guilt Inventory. These were the Assault subscale (10 items), the Verbal subscale (13 items), and a slight



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