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corporal punishment

Caution: Corporal Punishment
Corporal punishment is one of the most controversial parenting topics in today’s generation. Corporal punishment has decreased since the seventeenth century, but many families still conduct this form of discipline within their home today (Andero and Stewart). The controversy stems from parents who support this issue and believe it is necessary and effective in raising children, and the parents who oppose it and think it is damaging and ineffective. Research supports the opposers of corporal punishment by proving it is a method of discipline which sends a negative and unclear message to children, worsens their behavior, and causes long and short term psychological effects.
A primary reason to refrain from corporal punishment is the negative and unclear message it sends to a child. Spanking, slapping, or hitting does not teach a child what is right or wrong, but rather imposes a message of violence (Tharps 260). If a parent who uses violence to discipline tries to teach the same child that violence is wrong, they are relating an unclear message about violence and will confuse the adolescent. Corporal punishment suggests that violence is an acceptable way



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